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Updates to Tic-Tac-R. Now it works on Windows Azure =)

This is an update of my previous post

Update: Post with the source code of the game

After spending a lot of time testing and searching on the web, I wasn’t able to get the Tic-Tac-R game on my Windows Azure website. I tried a lot of things and can shameless say that I was totally lost, since my application was working fine on a shared hosting environment (GoDaddy) but not on my Windows Azure.

Thanks to an anonymous user that replied my question on StackOverflow I was able to know that this is a weird issue only happening there with some sort of caching by Windows Azure (neither really a bug on my app nor SignalR). The suggestion was changing enforce the transport to be Long Polling and with that the app started to work no the cloud. It is kinda little slow though, and I feel that some times the call that I make from the browser is lost, but is’s maybe just my imagination… Time and more testing will give us the answer… In the meanwhile, you play the game can be part of the beta testers of this simple game… It’s free!! =P

By the way, I updated SignalR to the just released 0.5.3 version and everything seems to keep working fine.

I hope you can share your opinion regarding Tic-Tac-R. It will be really appreciated it =)

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