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Creating CodeCollaborator reviews using command line

Some months ago, I started using CodeCollaborator to create code reviews and ensure our developments have the desired quality.

We are at the end of our development sprint, so I tried to create some code reviews using the CodeCollaborator GUI with no success. Aparently, one of the latest Java VM updates “broke” my client; actually because we are using an old version of CodeCollaborator client (v 4) which cannot work under the latest versions of Java.

So if you run into the same problem, or just want to create your reviews using the command line follow the next steps described below. (Disclaimer: this was only tested on Windows and using SVN as source control, since that’s our current development environment),

  1. Open the command line prompt
  2. Go to your working copy folder, some thing like this
    cd “C:FolderFolderMyProjectWorkingCopyRoot”
  3. Login into your CodeCollaboration Server
    ccolab login  [ServerUrl] [UserName] [Password]

    You will get something like this

    Connecting to Code Collaborator Server https://[your.server.url]/
    Connected as: [Your name and username]
    New configuration worked - saving configuration settings
    Configuration key 'url' saved.
    Configuration key 'user' saved.
    Configuration key 'password' saved.
    Configuration key 'server-proxy-host' cleared.
    Configuration key 'server-proxy-port' cleared.
  4. You can upload specific files, changelists, etc. In my case I needed upload all the changes made on an specific revision, so I needed to pass a SVN diff as a parameter
    ccollab addsvndiffs new -r 27183:27190

    If you look I added the parameter “new” wich means I’m creating a new review (and will be named “Untitled Review”); you can also pass the review-id if you want to add files to an existing review.

With this, you can easily add files when creating or updating any CodeCollaborator review. For more information go to the CodeCollaboration command line reference

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